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What you should know in traffic accident


For what insurance must be insured culprit traffic accident when I therefore lend replacement vehicle?  

The vehicle lend to each injured person no matter at what insurance companies will claim arising from the law no. 168 / 1999 Sb. on liability insurance for operating a vehicle, which stipulates that all costs associated with hiring a replacement vehicle are covered by liability insurance culprit accident.


What kind of vehicle do I qualify?

You are entitled to a replacement vehicle of the same class as your damaged vehicle.


I'll pay anything if you'll keep in your car repair contracting services?

In case you are injured in a car accident the repair of your vehicle covered by liability insurance culprit accident. If you caused the damage himself, and you have a closed car insurance, so you pay only the deductible under your insurance contract for accident insurance.


When I have a traffic accident call the police?

The police should be called when it is obvious damage to one vehicle greater than 100 000 CZK. If there was damage to health. If there was damage to the property of a third party. Also in the case where the participants agreed on the fault accidents.


If my damage caused by foreigners

Call us, including the whole of the loss of all your claims for you will be filled.


Am I entitled to a replacement vehicle service and even though I culprit traffic accident?

In this case, we can arrange the repair of your vehicle in our authorized service contract, but the culprit accident unfortunately paid repair itself. If you closed your car insurance, you pay only the deductible (typically 10% min. However CZK 10 000, or 5% min. However CZK 5,000). Entitled to a replacement vehicle you according to your policy.


Can the accident to contact you directly for advice?

Yes, always happy to advise you on how to proceed and how to properly fill out the necessary form the record of a traffic accident that you all communication and processing insurance claim was as comfortable as possible and without any problem.


I always have to use the only insurance company selected service?

No. Of course it is your free choice what you choose service. We have our contract including unauthorized services, which we can recommend   and we have proven it.


What if an accident occurs with hired replacement car?

Of course each of us offered a replacement car has concluded liability insurance and accident insurance with a deductible of 10% min. However CZK 10 000.


When it stops eg. The light on or completely take your rented car replacement?

In this case, we will notify you upon delivery of a replacement vehicle that any problem with the car occurs, please contact our NONSTOP helpline 731 001 009. Most of our cars are still under warranty therefore you either vehicle immediately replace it with another, or recommend the nearest authorized service.


It will be my accident, where I discover that the culprit traffic accident is uninsured vehicle. How do I maintain in this situation?

Immediately contact our NONSTOP dispatching tel. 731 001 009, where we will arrange the arrival of mobile technology, which will fully documented the incident and everything will then forward to resolving the ČKP (Česká kancelář pojistitelů), that the matter forward prosecutor who matter Dores.


What you'll need for tickets so I could get completely settle the entire insured event incl. service, towing, replacement vehicle, respectively. settlement of total loss?

We will ask only the documents that are required to report the claim and the smooth running of the proceedings with the insurance company. These are documents: Driver's driver's license at the time of the accident, Identity Card owner of the car (just in case went to coach at RC) accident report (Euroformulář, respectively. Report from the police), copy of your vehicle registration card (just send scanned following day).